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Bespoke health and fitness solutions

Time for change

Muscular Strength & Endurance, Cardiovascular Fitness, Mobility & Flexibility, Movement & Posture Rehabilitation, Weight Loss

About me...


I have always had a passion in health, fitness and personal development. So it made complete sense for me to pursue a career as a personal trainer and health coach.

My mission is to inspire and motivate people for lasting change. I take a holistic approach by assessing the body through movement screening. This enables me to understand what people really need and how to help them achieve their goals whilst avoiding injury.

Why choose me?

* Strong personal skills which help me to understand and empathise with my clients.

* Fun and friendly, which keeps my clients motivated and engaged.

* Professional and experienced. I have helped change and improve many of my clients lives. With a strong track record I am extremely confident in the service I provide.

References are available upon request. Testimonials and reviews can be viewed on my google business page.

Please get in touch with me for a chat or to arrange a free consultation so we can discuss your specific needs in more detail.

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Areas of expertise

Muscular Strength & Endurance, Cardiovascular Fitness, Mobility & Flexibility, Movement & Posture Rehabilitation, Weight Loss

I provide professional, tailored fitness programs designed to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. I work with each client to custom design an exercise plan that reflects their short and long-term goals.

Below are just some of my 8 week packages

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Exercise for older adults

Staying active and strong is vital for getting older. I work with my older clients to help them enjoy life in their later years. The oldest client I work with is 100 years old, so it's never too late to make a change. For more specific information on exercise for over 60s, please see my Elder Life Fitness website

Cheerful Seniors

Deskbound to Healthbound

If you spend long hours at a desk or seated this is the package for you. Having a sedentary lifestyle can play havoc with your health. I have the solution to reverse these effects.

Computer Tutorials

Back Pain Solutions

A lifetime of bad posture and movement can cause chronic back pain. If you have been suffering with back pain and haven't found a solution then this is package for you.


Sports Specific Training

Are you looking to run a 5k, 10k or marathon? Do you have a sport that you'd like to improve your performance? I have trained clients for many sports including marathons, football, rugby, racket sports, golf, cycling, polo and motor sports.

Sports Facility

Functional Fitness & Strength

Everybody has different fitness goals. I like to assess what my clients really need to do in their lives so they can perform to the best of their ability. This means making tailored plans for the older client that lives alone, a parent that wants to stay active with their children or the weekend warrior that works all week and needs to perform at the weekends. These are tailored plans to your functional needs.

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If you have suffered an injury or have general aches and pains, then this is the package for you. I work closely with professional physiotherapists and osteopaths to fix people up and make them enjoy life again. I have worked with clients that have neck & spinal injuries, shoulder, knee & hip replacements, migraine sufferers and stroke rehabilitation. Call me for a chat to discuss your areas of concern.



Home Training - Winchester and surrounding villages

The Great Outdoors - Gardens and Parks

The Ana Spa & Gym at The Holiday Inn, Winchester

Online Personal Training via Zoom

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60 mins in person = £60 (Gym or Home)

30 mins Online via Zoom = £30

Online Programming & Coaching = £30 per month


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